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Shazak Parsha – Ki Savo By: Shazak – Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz – Complete Audio in One Click! SHAZAK INTROS Below are a few “interesting” Shazak intros that play on the Shazak Station of NakiRadio. ENJOY! NakiRadio Shazak Diet By: Shazak Shazak Intro – NakiRadio #1 By: Shazak Shazak Intro – NakiRadio #2 By: Shazak Shazak […]

Parsha at a Glance

Learn Chumash from Chumash with MERCAVA! MERCAVA CHUMASH Shazak Parsha Adventure begins here. PARSHA AT A GLANCE – a quick overview of the Parsha.   Click on the Mercava button above to LEARN CHUMASH FROM CHUMASH! BTW: Shazak constantly adds new features to each section, so visit often! All Bikkurim – Thanks! Blessings & Curses Back […]

The Declaration of Dependence

Puzzle SHAZAK The Declaration of Dependence As Farmer Ephraim entered the yard of the Beis HaMikdash, he would put his basket of fruit on his shoulders and announce in a loud and proud voice: “Higaditi HaYom – I declare today to HaShem, that I have come to the Land which HaShem has promised our forefathers.” […]

From OY to JOY!

Puzzle SHAZAK From OY to JOY! Indeed, Moshe talked a lot about the Tochachah – the warnings and curses which are the result of not listening to HaShem. But what exactly does “not listening to HaShem” mean? There is no mention, of specific sins here. Or is there? Let’s take a close look at Moshe’s […]

Ending on a Joyful Note

Puzzle SHAZAK Ending on a Joyful Note The people just heard 98 curses and were quite frightened! But, it’s never a good idea to end the Parsha on a sour note. So, Moshe, as a loving leader, changed their mood for the better. He reassured them of HaShem’s love for them, and how they were […]

“We Want the Torah and We Want it NOW!”

INSIGHT: Ibid… What’s That All About?! Puzzle SHAZAK “We Want the Torah and We Want it NOW!” Moshe continued, “Until today HaShem has not given you a heart to understand, nor eyes to see, nor ears to hear. Today you have been blessed with a new heart, a new pair of eyes and a new […]

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Mazal Tov! Last Section of the Parsha!Great Job! Super Duper!Shazak Parsha! Clay Toys Puzzle

POP – Parsha on a Page

Create your very own POP – Parsha on a Page! Print it and put in your own TITLES and PICTURES. If you want to share with Shazak – We’d love to see your finished work. 

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