Ending on a Joyful Note

Ending on a Joyful Note

The people just heard 98 curses and were quite frightened! But, it’s never a good idea to end the Parsha on a sour note. So, Moshe, as a loving leader, changed their mood for the better. He reassured them of HaShem’s love for them, and how they were in a much better position than their parents were.

Moshe exclaimed, “You have seen with your own eyes great signs and wonders!”

“True! Signs and wonders!”

“True! Look at my clothes – good as new!”

“True! And my look at my shoes! It’s the same old shoelaces I had for the past forty years and it’s better than ever.”

“And let’s not forget the miraculous food that fell from heaven!”

“True! The Mann… HaMotzie Lechem Min HaShamayim!”

“And the amazing water that flowed from the Well of Miriam!”

“True! Thirst-quenching water… in the hot, scorching desert!”

“Besides all this, HaShem is the One who helped you win over the strongest and mightiest – King Sichon of Cheshbon and King Og of Bashan!”

“True! We saw it with our very own eyes!”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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