Out of the Fire

Puzzle SHAZAK Out of the Fire           Aharon took all of the gold that was collected and threw it into a fire to melt it. He took out his engraving tool, ready to spend plenty of time, in order to shape it into the form of a calf. “Engraving this idol is of utmost importance,” he […]

Operation Altar

INSIGHT: From Fasting to Feasting! Puzzle SHAZAK Operation Altar Aharon saw things were going from bad to worse. He witnessed the brutal killing of his nephew, Chur, and also noticed how confused Bnei Yisrael were. Some were ready to worship the Golden Calf right then and there. Others hoped that HaShem’s presence would rest upon […]

“Celebration” or “Sell a Holy Nation”?

Puzzle SHAZAK “Celebration” or “Sell a Holy Nation”? Very early the next morning, the Eirev Rav led their joyous and rowdy celebration for their new idol, the Golden Calf. “Hurray! Hail to our magnificent idol!” “Baruch Atah Adon Ox, Egleinu Melech HaOlom…” they shouted. They sang and danced around the Golden Calf. They celebrated and […]

Meanwhile, up on Mount Sinai…

Puzzle SHAZAK Meanwhile, up on Mount Sinai… While all this was going on at the foot of the mountain, Moshe was still up on top of Har Sinai, receiving the two Luchos from HaShem. Suddenly, HaShem instructed him, “Go down! Your people are committing a terrible sin! They have made a Golden Calf and are […]


INSIGHT: Shattering the Luchos: Right or Wrong? Puzzle SHAZAK Smash!! Now that the 40 days were finished, it was time for Moshe to come down the mountain. It was the 17th day of the month of Tammuz, and Moshe, holding the two Luchos, came down wishing that this was only a bad dream and indeed, […]

Up the Mountain… Again

INSIGHT: The Love and “Lev” of a Leader Puzzle SHAZAK Up the Mountain… Again The next day, on the 18th of Tammuz, Moshe informed his people that he would again be going up on Mount Sinai. “I’m going to pray, beg, plead, and do whatever it takes for HaShem to completely forgive you. Maybe, just […]

A Second Chance

Puzzle SHAZAK A Second Chance The following day, on the first day of the month of Elul, HaShem informed Moshe that he will go up again on the mountain to receive the second set of Luchos. HaShem showed Moshe a sapphire mine and told him, “I was the One who carved out the first Luchos, […]

Rays of Splendor

Puzzle SHAZAK Rays of Splendor When Bnei Yisrael saw Moshe, they jumped back in fear. His face was shining so brightly, it hurt their eyes! They wondered if he had become an angel. They were afraid to approach him. Moshe didn’t understand why the people were running away, so he approached the leaders of the […]

Tune in Next Week

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