Yaakov’s Plight

15 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK Yaakov’s Plight Yaakov cried out, “Woe is me! First Yosef, then Shimon… and now Binyamin?!” Reuven spoke up, “Father, I guarantee, on the life of my two sons, that absolutely no harm will come to Binyamin. Let him go with us!” Yaakov was shocked at Reuven’s offer and thought to […]

Hunger in Cana’an

16 / 23 INSIGHT: Who’s “The Other Brother?” Puzzle SHAZAK Hunger in Cana’an Days passed. Weeks passed. The food that the sons brought from Egypt was running out, slowly but surely. One day, Yaakov gathered his 9 sons and instructed them, “We need more food. It’s time to go back to Egypt.” Yehudah replied, “But […]

Back to Egypt

17 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK Back to Egypt When the brothers were ready to leave, Yaakov instructed them, “My sons, take double the amount of money this time, just in case the prices have gone up. Also, bring the ruler, Tzafnas-Panayach, plenty of gifts. And most importantly, don’t forget to return the money that was […]

The Guests from Cana’an

18 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK The Guests from Cana’an When the brothers arrived in Egypt, they headed straight to Yosef’s grand palace. Yosef saw his beloved brother Binyamin with them, who was now 30 years old. He knew he was no imposter for he had all of Yaakov and Rachel’s features, just like Yosef himself. […]

A Tale of Two Brothers

19 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK A Tale of Two Brothers Yosef spoke to the brothers in a kind and gentle way. “Welcome back to Egypt my dear friends. How was your trip? How is your father? Is he still alive?” “Why, yes. He is, thank the Almighty, alive and well… alive and well… alive and […]

The Magic Goblet

20 / 23 INSIGHT: First Drink of Wine in 22 years… L’CHAIM! Puzzle SHAZAK The Magic Goblet Back at the banquet hall, Yosef held up his tall, silver wine goblet and announced, “This is my royal magic goblet! Watch and be amazed!” He tapped on the cup and called out the name of each brother […]

Framed Again!

21 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK Framed Again! It was time for the brothers to go back home to Cana’an. As they prepared to leave, Yosef instructed his son, Menashe, to fill the brothers’ sacks with grain. Then he whispered to him, “Hide my ‘magic’ wine goblet in Binyamin’s sack.” In the morning, the brothers left, […]

Law and Order

22 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK Law and Order Soon enough, all 11 brothers were facing the ruler once again. With tears in their eyes, they humbly fell to the ground, hoping that the great viceroy would take pity on them. “Do you people think that by stealing my magic goblet I will lose my powers?!” […]

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Parsha at a Glance

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