Two Watchmen, a Lost Bat, and a Broken Stove

Puzzle SHAZAK Two Watchmen, a Lost Bat, and a Broken Stove What is the law if while someone is taking care of someone else’s things, something goes wrong? Well, it depends on the situation. Our Parsha gives four different possibilities. Let’s follow the guidelines of the Torah: Case #1) “Shomer Chinam”– an unpaid watchman. If […]

Free Loans! (Not) Very INTERESTing!

Puzzle SHAZAK Free Loans! (Not) Very INTERESTing! Money lending is, and always has been, a huge business throughout the world. Nowadays, the availability of credit cards has made shopping much easier, but at the same time, with some companies charging as much as 20% interest, it has also caused big problems for many people. You […]

An Extra Touch of Kindness

Puzzle SHAZAK An Extra Touch of Kindness Some people need to be treated with extra special care. It’s a Mitzvah to be especially nice to a Ger, to someone who converted to Judaism, and not to remind him that he was once not Jewish. After all, this person feels badly that he wasn’t born Jewish […]


INSIGHT: A Paragraph (or more) about a Polygraph Puzzle SHAZAK Whodunit? The Torah warns a judge, “Midvar Sheker Tirchak” – “Stay far away from any falsehood,” – meaning, never tell a lie. This is not only a Mitzvah for a judge – in fact, everyone must always tell the truth. If you climb up to […]

Bribing is Conniving

Puzzle SHAZAK Bribing is Conniving Giving a bribe means getting someone to do something your way in exchange for a gift you’ll give them. The Mitzvah here is specifically referring to bribing a judge. Listen to this one: Mr. Trouble stole a bicycle from Mr. Biker. Mr. Biker wants to get his bike back by […]

Double your Kitchen!

INSIGHT: To D or not to D – That is the question! Puzzle SHAZAK Double your Kitchen! “Don’t cook a young animal in the milk of its mother.” These words are the basis for the rules for keeping Kosher. In a Kosher kitchen, meat foods are kept completely separate from milk foods, and meat and […]


INSIGHT: Order in the Torah? Puzzle SHAZAK “NA’ASEH Vi’NISHMA!” Now that we’ve learned some of the laws that Moshe heard from HaShem on Mount Sinai, which happened after Matan Torah, the giving of the Torah, let’s back up and find out what happened one day before Matan Torah. HaShem asked His people, “Are you willing […]

40 Days and 40 Nights (but no flood)

Puzzle SHAZAK 40 Days and 40 Nights (but no flood) On the 7th day of Sivan, the day following the Giving of the Torah, HaShem said to Moshe, “Come up to Me, on the mountain, and remain here for 40 days and 40 nights. I will give you the tablets of stone, on which the […]

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