Nitzavim – Complete Audio

Shazak Parsha – Nitzavim By: Shazak – Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz – Complete Audio in One Click! Below are a few “interesting” Shazak intros that play on the Shazak Station of NakiRadio. ENJOY! NakiRadio Shazak Diet Shazak Intro Craziness 09 Shazak Intro Tech Difficulties 01

The Nitzavim Lesson: Stand Strong or Split and Snap!

INSIGHT: Pick up the Sticks! Puzzle SHAZAK The Nitzavim Lesson: Stand Strong or Split and Snap! Nitzavim means more than just “standing.” It’s “standing strong” — united as one. Time for another Shazak Scenario: (Great!… another one!) Old Abie Altmentch was getting very old. One day (probably a Thursday, but some people say it was […]

Exile… and Return

INSIGHT: Grumpy in Galus? No Sirree! Puzzle SHAZAK Exile… and Return “If, after you enter the Holy Land you serve idols just as your neighbors do,” Moshe warned, “HaShem will throw you into bitter Galus – exile – and you will be scattered all over the world!” “And will that be the end of us […]


Puzzle SHAZAK TORAH… It’s CLOSE TO YOU! Moshe continued, “It’s so important to learn Torah. I know there’s a lot to learn, and at times it may seem overwhelming. But the Torah was given to humans like you and me – not to angels. It is 100% within your reach to learn it, live it, […]

Torah Teachings… Closer, Closer and Even Closer!

Puzzle SHAZAK Torah Teachings… Closer, Closer and Even Closer! “The Torah is very close to you.” That was true when Moshe said these words thousands of years ago… and it’s even truer today, more than ever! Think about it. When Jews first began learning the Mishnah and Gemara, for example, they had to write the […]

The “Aha! Factor”

INSIGHT: Kasha – The Question and the FoodKashi – The Cereal Puzzle SHAZAK The “Aha! Factor” One of the greatest pleasures in life is to say with a big smile on your face and just the right tune, “Aha!” – with the perfect upward sway of the thumb. It’s what you would exclaim with excitement […]

Choose Life!

INSIGHT: L’Chaim, to Life! Puzzle SHAZAK Choose Life! Parshas Nitzavim ends with another important message from Moshe: “Today I have set before you a choice – life or death. It’s up to you to choose life! Keep the Torah and Mitzvos. You have free choice to make your own decisions – but take my words […]

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Mazal Tov! Last Section of the Parsha!Great Job! Super Duper!Shazak Parsha! FARM Puzzle

POP – Parsha on a Page

Create your very own POP – Parsha on a Page! Print it and put in your own TITLES and PICTURES. If you want to share with Shazak – We’d love to see your finished work.