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INSIGHT: Honoring Parents is Honoring HaShem!

Commandment #5 – Honor Your Parents

Commandment #5 – Honor Your Parents

HaShem promised, “Honor your father and your mother and you will be granted with long life!”

Yes!” answered Bnei Yisrael.

It’s not always easy to honor your parents, but knowing how important it is to HaShem, makes this Mitzvah a bit easier to accomplish.

“Rebbeca, darling, do you mind walking over to the supermarket four and a half miles away and picking us up a couple of cucumbers? Don’t forget to put on your boots. There is plenty of snow outside. And bundle up. It’s freeeeezing out there!”

“No problem, Mom!”

“Just joking Rebbecah. You are incredible. Always ready to honor your parents, whatever they ask of you!”

“Now go clean your room.”

“Sure thing!”

Shazak insight

Honoring Parents is Honoring HaShem!

The first set of the tablets were dedicated to the Mitzvos “Between Man and HaShem.” So, why does honoring parents belong in this set?

Actually, according to our Rabbis of the Talmud there are 3 partners in every birth of a person – the father, the mother and Hashem – so honoring parents is actually honoring HaShem.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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