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INSIGHT: A Cave or a Building?

Eisav’s Final Appearance

Eisav’s Final Appearance

When the procession arrived at Me’aras HaMachpailah, they were all greeted by none other than… Eisav! Yaakov’s wicked, twin brother made one last appearance.

“You can’t bury Yaakov here!” shouted Eisav. “There’s only one more burial place left… and it rightfully belongs to me!!” “Absolutely not,” replied Yosef. “This cave does not belong to you. We have a contract which states this clearly.” “Ha! Ha!” laughed Eisav. “Show me the contract!”

“We have the contract… but it is in Egypt,” answered one of the brothers. “NO contract – NO proof!” Eisav declared. “Now find a different burial place for my brother Yaakov.” Quickly, they sent the fastest brother, Naftali, to Egypt to get the contract.

The burial was delayed and everyone was getting restless and impatient. Outrageous! Eisav was delaying their holy father’s burial! What a troublemaker!

Finally, Dan’s son, Chushim, took matters into his own hands. He had trouble hearing and was not following the whole conversation. All he knew was that Eisav was holding up his grandfather’s burial, so he grabbed a stick and killed Eisav!

At last, Yaakov was buried in his rightful place, next to his wife Leah, his parents, Yitzchak and Rivkah, and his grandparents, Avraham and Sarah. The first man and woman, Adam and Chavah, were also buried there.

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A Cave or a Building?

Me’aras HaMachpeilah in Chevron is not your typical-looking cave – a lot has changed since Avraham bought it. There are plenty of steps to climb to get inside its three rooms – Ohel Avraham, Ohel Yitzchak, and Ohel Ya’akov.

Actually, this building was built around 2,000 years ago by King Herod, King of Judea, and it’s the place where hundreds of thousands of Jews come annually to pour their hearts out in prayer.

BTW: Look closely at the stones and you’ll notice they resemble the stones of the Kotel in Jerusalem. You know why? It’s because King Herod was the one who built them both!

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