INSIGHT: Grumpy in Galus? No Sirree!

Exile… and Return

Exile… and Return

“If, after you enter the Holy Land you serve idols just as your neighbors do,” Moshe warned, “HaShem will throw you into bitter Galus – exile – and you will be scattered all over the world!”

“And will that be the end of us and the end of HaShem’s Torah?”

“Absolutely not! Torah and HaShem’s people will always exist… even during exile. In fact, we are never alone in Galus. HaShem suffers together with us in exile and wishes to leave Galus as much as we all do. It’s as if, when we go out of exile, so does Hashem”!

“But Moshe Rabbeinu… will we ever get out of Galus?”

“And for that matter, will HaShem ever get out of Galus?”

“For sure! The good news is that when you do Teshuvah with all your heart, HaShem will bring you back from all corners of the world to the Promised Land – the land of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov. And HaShem will be there together with you.”

Although Moshe promised, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that, after thousands of years of waiting, the Galus will finally end. But think of the times when HaShem caused, within a blink of an eye, long-awaited events to happen, changing the course of Jewish history for the better.

For example:

  • Avraham and Sarah had a son, Yitzchak, when they were extremely old, beyond the age anybody gives birth. And that was the beginning of the Jewish people.
  • Yosef was a slave and then sat in jail for many years, but after interpreting the king’s dreams, he was suddenly promoted to become the ruler of Egypt!

Indeed, HaShem has a plan, and when the time comes, faster than you can say, “We want Moshiach now!” Moshiach will arrive and gather all Bnei Yisrael to Eretz Yisrael!


Shazak insight

Grumpy in Galus? No Sirree!

When Moshe Rabbeinu wrote the word that expresses exile in the Torah, he did something unusual. In the word Vayashlichem, meaning “and He will cast them out,” Moshe wrote a big letter Lamed, larger than the rest of the letters – וישלכם. And ever since then, that’s how we write it in our Sifrei Torah.

So… Mah Nishtanah HaLamed Hazeh? Why is this Lamed different?

Rabbi Shamshon Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888) of Germany, presented us with a beautiful idea:

Moshe Rabbeinu is telling us an important message – the purpose of Galus is “Lamed” which also means “teaching.” HaShem is telling us that we are not supposed to be “grumpy in Galus” and fall into a bad mood. We have a mission! It’s LAMED – teach the whole world about HaShem and His Torah. Even non-Jews have their special 7-Mitzvos to learn and fulfill. So, cheer up and get to work – we have a lot to accomplish to help bring Moshiach!

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