Feast and Famine

Feast and Famine

The seven years of plenty came to Egypt exactly as Yosef had predicted. There was more food than anyone could possibly imagine!

As planned, Yosef stored the food in huge storehouses – enough to last for the upcoming 7 years of hunger.

Many of the Egyptians didn’t want to rely on Yosef, so they stocked up on plenty of food in their own homes.

The 7 years of plenty ended. Quickly, the food was running out. People were starving and totally forgot about the good times. Not only was there a hunger in Egypt, but also in many surrounding lands, including the land of Cana’an!

All the food that Yosef stored miraculously stayed fresh – but the food that the Egyptians stored in their own homes spoiled! Starving people from all over came to Yosef to purchase food from him, which of course was extremely expensive, due to the world-wide hunger.

Many Egyptians ran to Paraoh to complain, “Mighty king, how can we possibly afford the food Tzafnas-Panayach sells us?”

“So why didn’t you store food, just like Tzafnas-Panayach did?” asked Paraoh. “Weren’t you notified that there would be a famine?!”

“We did store plenty of food. But it all rotted!” responded the people.

“Clearly, our viceroy has special powers,” said Paraoh. “He was able to keep his food from spoiling and if he so desired he can also cause you all to die! You have no choice. Go to Tzafnas-Panayach and buy food from him, whatever the cost.”

Left with no other choice the hungry people sold whatever they owned in order to purchase food from Yosef. Paraoh was so very pleased when Yosef handed him plenty of money. Day by day the wealthy king of Egypt became even wealthier.

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