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Final Wishes

Final Wishes

The aged Yaakov, who was now 147 years old, felt that his days were coming to an end and he called for his son Yosef.

“Yosef,” Yaakov told him in a quivering voice. “If I find favor in your eyes, please be so kind and swear to me that after I pass on, you will not bury me in Egypt. It is your responsibility to carry me out of this land and lay me to rest in Me’aras HaMachpaila along with my ancestors.”

Yosef responded, “I swear to you Father. I will do whatever you wish… whatever it takes.”

“Thank you my son,” continued Yaakov. “I know there will be much Egyptian resistance to this, but you are the only one who has the power to fulfill my wishes.”

Shazak insight


  1. Why was Yaakov so afraid of being buried in Egypt?
  2. Also, why did Yaakov even think that the Egyptians would want him buried in Egypt?

Yaakov gained the reputation in Egypt of being a holy man. He was the one who had blessed Paraoh and caused the 7-year famine to end after only 2 years. Yaakov was afraid that if he was buried in Egypt, the Egyptians would worship him at his burial site.

And besides, Yaakov loved the holy land of Israel and had a burning desire to be buried there, along with his ancestors.

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