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INSIGHT: Measurement Miracles!

Getting Ready for the Big Day!

Getting Ready for the Big Day!

Parshas Tzav concludes with a detailed description of 7 special days. These days were called the Shivas Yemai Milu’im, 7 Days of Inauguration, which began on the 23rd of Adar in the year 2,449. During these 7 days there were a lot of “practice run-throughs,” and HaShem guided Moshe every step of the way.

BTW: These events were also described back in Sefer Shmos, at the end of Parshas Tetzaveh.

Let’s see what happened during those extraordinary days:

HaShem commanded Moshe, “Gather the entire nation in the courtyard of the Mishkan. I want them to witness everything that happens during the Shivas Yemai Milu’im.”

It was a miracle!

The entire nation fit inside the courtyard!

That’s 600,000 men between the ages of 20 and 60, plus all women, children and men over 60… that comes to around 3 million people!

HaShem continued, “Moshe, you will have many jobs during these 7 days. You will be the Kohen Gadol; the one who will perform the sacrifices; the person who will purify and dress the Kohanim; the anointer of all the Kohanim and the vessels.”

Moshe took a deep breath and HaShem concluded, “Most important of all, you will be the teacher. Teach the Kohanim how to perform their services. Also, during these 7 days you will be the one who will put up the Mishkan every day in the morning and take it down at night.”

Moshe Rabbeinu, the master teacher, surely had his work cut out for him. His task was superhuman and with the help of HaShem he succeeded with flying colors!

Moshe called his brother Aharon and his sons with an important message, “I have strict orders from HaShem, “Do not leave the Mishkan at all during these crucial 7 days – not even at night… OR ELSE!”

Aharon and his sons carried out their mission exactly as HaShem instructed, without deviating to the right or to the left… no more and no less.

Shazak insight

Measurement Miracles!

“The entire nation fit inside the courtyard!”

To fully appreciate this amazing miracle, let’s put things in perspective:     

The courtyard of the Mishkan was 50 Amos wide and 100 Amos long. An Amoh is a measurement around 2 feet, so that would make the courtyard approximately 100 feet wide and 200 feet long – smaller than a professional size football field, (which is 160 feet wide and 300 feet long).

Now, can you imagine fitting all Bnei Yisrael, a total of around 3 million people, in an area smaller than the size of a football field?! Impossible, you say?! Not for HaShem!

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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