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INSIGHT: What’s the Big Idea?!

Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures

At the palace, Yosef introduced his brothers to the mighty Paraoh.

Paraoh asked, “Tell me. What do you do for a living?”

“We are shepherds,” answered the brothers.

If it pleases Your Majesty, grant us permission to live in Goshen, where there is plenty of grass for our sheep to graze.”

“Yes, of course. This is a splendid land for your family to live in,” answered Paraoh.

Shazak insight

What’s the Big Idea?!

It was Yosef’s idea for the family to live in Goshen. Actually, it was a wonderful idea and here’s why: The brothers were shepherds, and Yosef knew that the Egyptians treated sheep as gods. Yosef figured it would be best to keep the family of shepherds in faraway Goshen, where the Egyptian idol-worshippers would not get upset.

Additionally, Goshen had wonderful pastures for their flocks of sheep.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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