INSIGHT: Who’s “The Other Brother?”

Hunger in Cana’an

Hunger in Cana’an

Days passed. Weeks passed. The food that the sons brought from Egypt was running out, slowly but surely. One day, Yaakov gathered his 9 sons and instructed them, “We need more food. It’s time to go back to Egypt.”

Yehudah replied, “But Father, we had clear orders from the ruler – ‘Do not show your faces without your younger brother.’ If we do not bring him, we will all perish from hunger, all of us – including you, dear father and your infant children. I personally guarantee that if you let us take Binyamin, he will return safely to you. But time is running out. We must hurry!”

With a sad heart, Yaakov finally agreed for them to take his Binyamin, the only living son from his beloved wife Rachel (or so he thought).

Shazak insight

Who’s “The Other Brother?”

When Yaakov said, “together with Binyamin and your other brother,” he was referring to Shimon, who was imprisoned in Egypt.

However, Yaakov had a touch of Ruach HaKodesh (Divine Inspiration). Indeed, there was a second “other brother” in Egypt, whom Yaakov wished to see again. Who was that? YOSEF! Little did Yaakov realize that this was about to happen.

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