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“I’d Like to Speak to the King!”

“I’d Like to Speak to the King!”

Ever try calling the President of the United States?

“Hello White House. This is Mendel. I’d like to speak to the President of the United States.”

Or how about the Queen of England?

“Hello. This is Avrami. Get me through to the Queen of England. It’s urgent! Super Important!”

It’s as simple as looking up their private number, dialing, and within seconds you’ll be chatting. Right? Wrong!

Unless you have a connection… and not a phone connection, a people connection! For example, you’re a close relative, or you have a very high position in the government. Otherwise it is quite impossible.

“Your call is very important to Mr. President. Your wait time is more than 99 years.”

But this is not so with HaShem, Melech Malchei HaMelachim – “the King of all Kings.” We are able to connect with Him in many different ways. We don’t need an appointment or special invitation – we are always invited to improve our relationship and connect with HaShem!

“Your prayer is very important to HaShem, King of all Kings. Your wait time is less than one second.”

As we have seen in the previous Parshiyos in Sefer VaYikra, in the times of the Mishkan (and Beis HaMikdash), we connected to HaShem by offering sacrifices. Nowadays, our connection is through our prayers.

Additionally, whenever we do a Mitzvah, we connect! The word Mitzvah is related to the word Tsavsah – meaning connection. So every time we do a Mitzvah we connect to our King of Kings!

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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