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INSIGHT: “The Pits” or “A Pit Stop?”SURVIVAL!

Into the Pit

Into the Pit

The brothers agreed to Reuven’s new plan.

As Yosef came closer to them, they pulled off his colorful coat and threw him into a deep pit, empty of water, but full of snakes and scorpions! YIKES!

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Shazak insight

“The Pits” or “A Pit Stop?”

“It’s the pits!” is a slang expression for the very worst situation possible. At the moment it may seem to be so – “there is no way in the world it could get any worse,” or “why me? This doesn’t make any sense!”

And there’s another type of “pit”: During a car race, before the racing car runs out of gas, it stops at a “pit-stop.” At the “pit” the car gets serviced within a couple of minutes, even getting its tires changed! Although this stop may look like a bad thing to someone watching a race for the first time… “Hey! Why is he stopping?! He was in the lead!” – yet, there is no way to win without this crucial “pit-stop.”

So when Yosef was thrown into the pit – was it “the pits,” or a “pit-stop” for bigger and better things? Think about it.

BTW: Where does the “the pits,” come from? Some say it’s because in the olden days, before power saws were invented, in order to cut huge tree trunks or giant logs, a long 2-man-saw was used, one standing on top and the other below in the “pit.” The lucky guy on top had the cleaner job, and the pit-guy would end up being covered with saw-dust and pieces of wood from head to toe… OH NO! What a mess! Therefore the expression “It’s the pits” is used to describe something really BAD!

Shazak insight


If the pit was full of snakes and scorpions, how did Reuven expect Yosef to survive?

Here’s three possible answers:

  1. Some Rabbis say that he did not know about the dangerous animals since they were creeping inside the dirt and not noticeable.
  2. Others say that they were in the bottom of the pit, which was 20 Amos deep (that’s around 40 feet) – way too far for anyone standing on top to notice.
  3. A third opinion is that Reuven understood that since Yosef was such a great Tzaddik (holy person, greater than your “regular” Tzaddik) he was absolutely sure that HaShem would guard him from any danger.

Now, what do you think? Do you have your own answer?

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