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INSIGHT: The Learned Rabbi and the Kohen

It’s Never Too Late!

It’s Never Too Late!

“But, but, is there any hope whatsoever?” the Metsora would (and should) often plead.

“Yes, there is always hope. While you are sitting alone, you’ll have plenty of time to do some hard thinking and do Teshuvah – make amends and surely HaShem will make the Tsara’as go away. When it does go away, and I am sure it will, I’ll let you know the process of purification so once again you can join society.”

Shazak insight

The Learned Rabbi and the Kohen

Since Tsara’as was a spiritual disease – a symptom of a deeper, underlying spiritual problem – the Kohen acted as a spiritual doctor.

The following may sound strange, but it’s true.

According to the Torah, even the greatest Torah scholar in the world, who knows all the detailed laws of Tsara’as inside and out, is not allowed to declare someone a Metsora, nor can he help the Metsora with the healing process. Only a Kohen has the power for this.

But what happens if a Kohen doesn’t know the details of all the Tsara’as laws and needs help?

Then he is permitted to receive guidance from the non-Kohen Tsara’as expert, but still, nobody except the Kohen can declare “Tamei, Tamei”!

But isn’t a Torah scholar’s expertise better than a non-expert Kohen?!

Well, the Kohanim are descendants of Aharon, who was famous for loving each and every person and doing whatever he could to bring peace to people and helping them come closer to Hashem.

So, a Kohen is a loving, peace-seeking person. That’s why it is he, and only he, who can pronounce someone a Metsora, causing him to suffer the terrible consequences of being sent away from all the other Jews. Certainly, a Kohen will do everything possible to make sure, beyond a shadow of doubt, that this person is truly a Metsora, before actually proclaiming so. And he is the one who will dedicate himself to the Metsora’s healing process.

For it is only with love – not just knowledge – that healing can take place.

What an amazing lesson for us all!

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