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Korban Shlomim – The Peace Offering

Korban Shlomim – The Peace Offering

The Korban Shlomim is unique. It’s unlike the Korban Oleh which is entirely for HaShem, and also different than other Korbanos which are shared – some of the Korban goes up to HaShem and the other part is for the Kohanim. On the other hand, Korban Shlomim, the “peace” sacrifice, is the only Korban divided into 3 “pieces” – HaShem, the Kohen, and the owner… They each get a share of the meat. (Get it “peace” – “pieces?”)

Here’s another Shazak Scenario:

Let’s visit a certain Mr. Tuviah Tanksalot. Reb Tuviah wakes up in the morning in a super good mood. He is grateful for all the wonderful blessings bestowed upon him, so he decides to bring a Korban Shlomim to express his happiness to HaShem. He has plenty of choices:

“I could bring either an ox, a cow, a ram, a female sheep, or a male or female goat.”

A portion of this Korban is brought on the altar for HaShem. The rest of it is shared between Mr. Tanksalot, his family and the Kohanim. It’s time to celebrate!

“I have so much to be grateful for!” says Mr. Tanksalot at the celebration. “I Thank G-d a lot! I have good health, a wonderful family and my business is booming – growing day by day!”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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