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INSIGHT: Super-Speedy Trip!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Three years passed after the “Binding of Yitzchak”. Avraham was very old, 140 years old to be exact, and Yitzchak wasn’t getting any younger, either! He was already 40 years old, and still not married.

Avraham called his trusty servant, Eliezer, and said to him, “The time has come. Time for action! We must find a wife for Yitzchak.”

“Yes, Master,” Eliezer replied. “Your word is my command.”

“Listen carefully Eliezer, Do not look for a girl from here in Cana’an (Israel). They are just too wild and disrespectful. Instead, go to Charan, where my family lives. Even though they are idol worshippers, I know that they are kind and generous. I’m sure you can find a nice girl there for my son. I will even send an angel to assist you with this important mission!”

Eliezer received loads of presents for the bride-to-be and he headed out with a caravan of 10 camels carrying jewelry and gifts. An amazing miracle happened causing him to arrive in Charan just a few hours later, a trip that would usually take many days!

Shazak insight

Super-Speedy Trip!

This trip from Cana’an to Charan usually takes many days, but HaShem shortened Eliezer’s journey so he would be able to quickly find a wife for Yitzchak.

In Hebrew this miraculous, speedy journey is called Kefitzas HaDerech, meaning “shortening the way.”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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