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INSIGHT: The Lost Ark or the Hidden Ark?

Miracles Galore!

Miracles Galore!

It was the privilege of the Levi’im (Levites) to carry the Aron when Bnei Yisrael traveled from place to place. With all that gold, it must have been extremely heavy, but miraculously, the Levi’im didn’t feel any weight on their shoulders at all. In fact, the Aron lifted the Levi’im and also carried them!

And yet another miracle! According to the measurements of the Torah, the Aron extended from one end of the Kodesh to the other end. It should have taken up all of the space in the Kodesh Kodashim, yet miraculously there was plenty of room for the Kohen Gadol to walk all around the Aron! In the words of our great Sages, “The place of the Aron occupied no space at all.”

Shazak insight

The Lost Ark or the Hidden Ark?

When King Shlomo built the First Beis HaMikdash, he knew that it would not last forever. With that in mind, he had a maze of twisty tunnels built deep below the actual building.

Many years later, King Yoshiyahu saw that the Beis HaMikdash would be destroyed – as would indeed happen – so he commanded that the Aron (together with Aharon’s staff, the container of Mann, and the Shemen HaMishchah), should be be hidden deep down in those tunnels.

When the Second Beis HaMikdash was built, they left an empty place for those missing items. But they were never really missing. They were just being stored in a special safe spot, deep within the Temple Mount.

And they are still there today – so it’s not a “Lost Ark” – it’s a “Hidden Ark!”

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