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INSIGHT: What’s in a Name?

Miriam to the Rescue

Miriam to the Rescue

The baby started to cry.
“Oh, poor little thing,” said Basya to her maid servants. “He’s hungry! Quick! Run and get him a woman who can nurse him!”
Off ran the maids, and soon returned with an Egyptian nursemaid. But the baby would not nurse from her! They brought more Egyptian women who attempted to nurse him, but without success.
Just then, Miriam popped out from her hiding place. “Your Royal Highness I have an idea,” she bravely said. “Would you like me to go and bring a Jewish woman to nurse that baby?”
“Sounds like a wonderful plan. Go quickly!” replied Basya.
Who do you think Miriam brought? It was none other than the baby’s very own mother, Yocheved!
Finally, the baby stopped crying, nursing happily from his mother. “Wonderful,” said Basya to Yocheved. “I see that you are a perfect match. Please take this baby home with you and nurse him until he is two years old. I will pay you well for your services.”
Of course, Yocheved was more than happy to bring her own baby home and take care of him!

Shazak insight

What’s in a Name?

The name Basya can be split into two – Bas-Ya – the daughter of G-d.

Paraoh considered himself to be a god and therefore gave her the Egyptian name, “daughter of god,” referring to himself. By converting to Judaism, Basya was able to keep her name, but now it had a new, holy meaning –Basya – the “daughter of the one and only G-d… HaShem.”

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