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INSIGHT: 457 Pesukim?!

Mishkan… Mishkan… Mishkan!

Mishkan… Mishkan… Mishkan!

We have now completed the entire Sefer Shmos, the Book of Shmos. It’s the incredible story of the Jews slavery in Egypt and their miraculous exodus “Out of Egypt”.

But as we have seen, starting from Parshas Terumah until the end of Sefer Shmos, the Torah dedicates an incredible amount of Pesukim to just one subject – the building of the Mishkan. To be exact – 457 Pesukim!

Keep in mind that the Torah spends only 31 Pesukim describing the creation of the world!

457 vs. 31 – That’s just about 15 times more Pesukim dealing with the Mishkan than Creation! The point is – the Mishkan represents HaShem’s deep love towards his chosen nation – the Jewish nation.

Shazak insight

457 Pesukim?!

How did Shazak come up with the number, 457?

With the help of a calculator, of course!

We added the sum total of all the chapters starting from Terumah through Pekudei, but we are also careful not to include the Pesukim in Parshas Ki Sisa that describe the sin of the Golden Calf, although indirectly these verses also have some connection to the Mishkan – it was the forgiveness of the Golden Calf.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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