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INSIGHT: Spiritual Life? Physical Life? or Both?

Mishpatim – Laws Between Man and Man

Mishpatim – Laws Between Man and Man

Mishpatim is the name of this Parsha, and it means “laws,” specifically those laws which are “Bein Adam laChaveiro,” “Between Man and Man,” and this is what most of Parshas Mishpatim speaks about. Many of these Mitzvos are quite logical, and deal with life’s everyday challenges, be it questions of damages, business transactions and disputes, or lending money.

Later, Bnei Yisrael would learn more about the Mitzvos of “Bein Adam LaMakom” “between man and G-d” – commandments that teach us how we should act toward HaShem.

Before getting into the details of the Mishpatim, HaShem laid down the ground rules:

“All court cases between Jews must take place in a Jewish court of law (called a Beis Din), and not to a regular, non-Jewish court – even if that court would decide the case exactly as the Jewish court.”

Many of the laws in Parshas Mishpatim are very detailed and quite complicated. In the following examples, using real-life situations, Shazak Chumash will give you a taste of a few important Mishpatim from this week’s Parsha.

Shazak insight

A Spiritual Life? A Physical Life? …or Both?

Most people view religion as a strictly spiritual experience, which has no connection to our everyday life.

This is not the case with Judaism. All aspects of a person, including the spiritual (keeping Shabbos and the holidays, putting up a mezuzah), and the physical, (not damaging another’s property, honest business dealings) are all “religious” deeds. Indeed, Judaism is not exclusive to the synagogue, rather, it extends to one’s personal life – at home, at work, in the courtroom, or even in the baseball field! Everywhere – 24/7!

Perhaps this is why the very first Mitzvos that are written after the Ten Commandments were specifically the Mishpatim, the common, everyday laws “between man and man.”

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