INSIGHT: Moshe, Servant of HaShem and Moshe the Prophet

Moshe Said It On His Own?!

Moshe Said It On His Own?!

Hold on! Moshe wrote Devarim on his own?! Isn’t it called Chumash – The Five Books of the Torah – all five written by HaShem?!

Just open the Talmud to the tractate of Sanhedrin, on page 99, and you’ll find out what our Rabbis say about this subject:

“Anyone who says that the whole Torah is from Heaven, besides for even one Pasuk, which was not uttered by HaShem, but by Moshe, has disgraced HaShem’s name!”

Now, we’re talking about not only one Pasuk, we’re talking about the entire Book of Devarim!

So how could it be… how can anyone fathom, even for a split-second, that it was Moshe Rabbeinu, and not HaShem, who wrote the entire Book of Devorim?

That’s a great question, come to think of it.

Well, even Moshe’s words here in Devarim, our great Rabbis tell us, were composed with Ruach HaKodesh (HaShem’s holy spirit). So, it was Moshe’s own speech, directed by HaShem.

So, what exactly is the Book of Devarim? Was it Moshe’s thoughts or HaShem’s? Or was it a bit of both? How exactly did it work?

Confused? Don’t feel bad, because this was a topic that puzzled even the greatest of Rabbis – and as we shall soon find out, because of these questions, one great Spanish Rabbi, who lived over 500 years ago, was inspired to write his very own commentary on the Chumash! So, read on and you’ll find out all about it.

Shazak insight

Moshe, Servant of HaShem. Moshe the Prophet

As mentioned, the Book of Devarim is different from the other four books, since it is written in Moshe’s personal voice, as if Moshe composed it on his own (called in Hebrew, Mipi Atsmo).

In the last verses of the Torah Moshe is described as both:

Servant of HaShem and Prophet.

Perhaps the message of the Torah is that Moshe, HaShem’s servant, only did what HaShem told him to do, including writing the Book of Devarim, and although Moshe actually wrote this book… in a way, HaShem also wrote it… after all Moshe is the great prophet, getting more messages from HaShem than any other human being!

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