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INSIGHT: Order in the Torah?



Now that we’ve learned some of the laws that Moshe heard from HaShem on Mount Sinai, which happened after Matan Torah, the giving of the Torah, let’s back up and find out what happened one day before Matan Torah.

HaShem asked His people, “Are you willing to accept My Torah?” They replied together in one eager voice: “NA’ASEH VI’NISHMA!” We will do and then we will listen (try to understand)!” They agreed first to do everything and anything HaShem would command – even though they didn’t yet understand the meaning behind all the Mitzvos. They knew that later, the meaning and purpose of the commandments would become as clear as daylight.

And if they wouldn’t be able figure out the purpose of some of the Mitzvos? So what! They trusted HaShem that He knew what was best for them.

Have you ever been given a prescription for medicine, maybe for a bad cough or sore throat? Did you ask the doctor exactly what the medicine was made of, and how it would work to make you better?

Probably not. Chances are, you trusted your doctor, took the medicine and became healthy again! It’s the same way with our “spiritual doctor” – HaShem. He is the expert doctor who, through his “Book of Prescriptions,” called the Torah, helps us keep our Neshamos, our souls, perfectly healthy.

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Order in the Torah?

It’s a fact. Not all the stories in the Torah are told in the order in which they occurred.

In fact, many times, for some reason that is known only to HaShem, they are totally out of order. For example, here, at the end of Parshas Mishpatim, the Torah speaks about the events of the day after Matan Torah, which in reality took place last Parsha, in Parshas Yisro! We can learn from this that the Torah is more of a guidebook than a storybook – each story is there to teach us a lesson, not to amuse or entertain us simply by being an interesting story.

Perhaps the Torah is teaching us a valuable lesson:

It is fairly easy to make promises of Naaseh V’nishma during an exciting and uplifting time such as at Matan Torah, the awesome giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. But what about completely accepting Hashem’s commandments as we go about our routine of everyday life? Parshas Mishpatim instructs us on how to lend money, how to resolve various types of arguments, and many more laws to guide us through day to day ups and downs. It is in our daily life where we should accept Hashem’s laws – naaseh v’nishma – with the same fervor as at Matan Torah.

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