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INSIGHT: a BIT about the BITE!

Noach the Zookeeper

Noach the Zookeeper

Day and night, Noach and his family tended to the needs of thousands of animals, giving them food and water and cleaning up after them.

But miraculously, the animals did not fight while on the Teivah. Even the wild animals were as tame as house pets – besides for one incident. One day, Noach was late bringing the lion his food. The king of the jungle was furious and bit Noach’s leg. Ouch! Otherwise, it was very calm and peaceful for the entire stay in the Teivah.

Shazak insight

A Bit about the Bite

Why did Noach deserve to be bitten?

This was his punishment for not standing up for his fellow human beings when HaShem told him the flood was coming. He should have begged HaShem not to destroy the world! He should have been as “strong as a lion” in fighting for the sake of the people of the earth.

In fact, this was the approach of Avraham when he was told that the wicked people of S’dom were going to be killed by HaShem. He begged HaShem to help them.

And certainly this is what Moshe Rabbeinu did after his people served the “Golden Calf.” He demanded from HaShem – “If you don’t forgive Bnei Yisrael, don’t even mention my name in the Torah.

Both Avraham and Moshe were strong as a lion trying to help their fellow human beings!

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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