INSIGHT: Metaphor – For What?

On Eagle’s Wings

On Eagle’s Wings

Moshe Rabbeinu, the ultimate teacher, continued to describe HaShem’s great love by way of a metaphor: “HaShem has taken care of you the way a mother eagle cares for her babies. Other birds hold their young beneath them in their claws as they fly – to protect them from the eagle, who soars high above. But the eagle has no need to protect its young from other birds. The only threat comes from below – from hunters shooting arrows from the ground.”

“Fascinating, but who cares? We aren’t eagle hunters.”

“That’s right… and eagles aren’t even kosher!”

Moshe explained, “Lift up your eyes and see how the eagle carries its young comfortably on its back, keeping them safe and sound. HaShem protected you in the desert like an eagle protecting its young, with His Clouds of Glory, so that wild animals and the arrows of enemies could not harm you.”

“I get it! It’s a metaphor!”

“Metaphor? For what?”

“For what?! For you, me and all of us! So we can understand how much Hashem loves us!”


Shazak insight

Metaphor – For What?

Moshe was teaching the Jews about how HaShem protected them in the desert. But instead of speaking of clouds and enemies, he told them about eagles and how they protect their young. This is called a Mashal in Hebrew, and in English it’s a “metaphor” or a “parable.”

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