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Plague #5: Animal Disease

Plague #5: Animal Disease

Once again, Moshe was back at Paraoh’s palace with another warning, “If you still won’t let my people out of Egypt, HaShem will kill all your precious animals. They will die from an awful, horrific disease. If you say “no” this time, tomorrow you can say goodbye to all your horses, donkeys, camels, cows, and sheep!”

Of course, the stubborn Paraoh refused.

Sure enough, the next day the Egyptian cattle became terribly ill and died. The camels responsible for carrying heavy loads died. The mighty oxen that pulled the plows perished. Even the proud horses that led the royal chariots collapsed.

Paraoh sent messengers to the land of Goshen. “Go check out and see what’s happening with the Jewish cattle.”

They quickly rushed off to investigate and came back with the news, “I am sorry to report Your Highness – not even one of the Jews’ animals died. All of them are perfectly healthy!”

Still, Paraoh’s heart remained hard as a rock. “These are my slaves!” shouted the king. “They belong to me! I will not let my slaves go!”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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