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INSIGHT: Angel Power!Eliezer… Who?!



Although Besuel was acting nice on the outside, he wasn’t so nice on the inside. He had an evil plan. He put poison in Eliezer’s food, in order to kill him so he could take all of his money and gold. (Now, is that any way to treat a guest?)

Unfortunately for Besuel, but fortunately for our hero, Eliezer, Besuel’s plan completely backfired. While Eliezer was telling his story, an angel swooped down and switched Eliezer’s plate with Besuel’s. Besuel ended up poisoning himself instead! Oops.

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Shazak insight

Angel Power!

Avraham promised that he would send an angel with Eliezer to help him with his mission. It was this very angel that saved Eliezer from being poisoned.

Shazak insight

Eliezer… Who?!

In this episode, finding the perfect match for Yitzchak, Eliezer is never mentioned by name. He is called “the servant of Avraham” 13 times, and just plain “Ish” (man), 6 times. How interesting! BTW: Notice something else interesting about these numbers? Put the number 6 and 13 together and it reads 613 – the exact amount of Mitzvos in the Torah!

The meaning behind this is that Eliezer was conveying an important message to his hosts, “My success in this important mission has nothing to do with me. Rather it is all due to my boss, the great Tzaddik, Avraham! I’m nothing more than his humble servant!”

Indeed, Eliezer took pride in the fact that he was the servant of Avraham. Wouldn’t you want to work for the greatest man in the entire universe?

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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