Rare and Red

Parshas Chukas #2

Rare and Red

HaShem commanded Moshe and Aharon, “Zos Chukas HaTorah” (This is the law of the Torah). If a Jew touches a dead body, he is Tamei, impure. The way to become pure involves a red cow, a cow that never did any work, called a Parah Adumah. Elazar, the son of Aharon shall prepare this cow.”
The Parah Adumah was extremely rare and very valuable – worth plenty of money. It had to be completely red, well almost – one non-red hair was allowed, but not two.
The Parah Adumah was so unusual that, from the time of Moshe through the end of the second Beis Hamikdash, only nine of them were ever used to purify.
The tenth Parah Adumah will be prepared by none other than Moshiach himself, may he come speedily in our days – Amein!

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