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The Jews worked very hard but at least they were getting paid… until one day, another announcement was made:

“Hear ye! Hear ye! Good news! Our gracious king Paraoh has decided that today will be the last day any workers receive payment. From now on, you will have the privilege to serve the great, mighty empire of Egypt on a “volunteer” basis. Congratulations!”

The Egyptian officials went around the building site, proclaiming, “Ask not what Egypt can do for you, ask what you can do for Egypt!”

The Jews were in an uproar. “Without pay, we won’t work!” one worker cried out.

How do you think we will be able to support our families?” another said with tears streaming down his face. “What do you think we are… your slaves?”

“Exactly!” replied Paraoh’s officers. “Now back to work… you slaves… immediately!”

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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