Eliezer informed his hosts that he and Rivkah would leave immediately. Lavan and Rivkah’s mother, who was now in charge, disagreed.
“What, so fast?! Rivkah must stay for one year. Minimum 10 months,” they declared.
Eliezer responded, “Didn’t I hear you proclaim that HaShem is the One in charge? This is what He wants and we must not delay, not even a moment.”
Finally they decided to ask Rivkah herself. She answered short and to the point, “I will go now.”
Actually, she couldn’t wait to leave her house which was full of idols, and marry the great Tzaddik, Yitzchak. Off they went, towards the land of Cana’an, with one more passenger, Rivkah. Once again, the long, long trip miraculously took just a few hours.