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The Beam Team

The Beam Team

One of the hardest tasks during these 7 days was to erect the heavy beams of the Mishkan. The beams were lying flat on the ground and the greatest men of the nation were given the honor to set them up, but to their surprise….

“Quick get out of the way!”

“The beams are collapsing!”


They all quickly ran away, and suddenly HaShem spoke to Moshe, “Moshe, I want you to be honored with setting up the beams in the Mishkan.”

Moshe was quite excited, since he didn’t think he contributed enough to “Project Mishkan.” Indeed, he was the one in charge, but he wanted to actually do some of the physical work, and there was nothing more physical than a one-man-putting-up-100-beams-Mishkan-project. On the other hand, he couldn’t imagine being able to lift those heavy beams all by himself.

“I would love to!” replied Moshe to HaShem. “But these beams are much too heavy. I don’t think it is possible for any human being to lift these heavy beams. Is it?”

HaShem’s response was short and sweet, “Try it and see for yourself.”

Without hesitation, Moshe grabbed the heavy beams and easily set them up! It may have appeared to others as if Moshe put them up, but in truth, it was a miracle from HaShem — the beams stood upright without any effort on Moshe’s part, as if they were positioned perfectly by the ropes of a strong crane!

This miracle happened every day of the Shivas Yemai Milu’im – 7 Days of Inauguration. Can you imagine building a house and then taking it apart, all in one day? Well, Moshe did this for 7 days – he set up the beams of the Mishkan and then took them down! Whoooosh!

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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