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The First Ever Passover Seder

The First Ever Passover Seder

Now that the meat of the lamb was roasted, the families went back home for the meal. It was indeed the first ever Passover Seder. The table was set. As per HaShem’s instructions, the menu consisted of 3 types of foods – the roasted lamb, the flat Matzah and bitter Maror. 

“Hurry, hurry! There is no time to waste, for any moment we are about to leave Egypt!” 

“Yes. It’s about time! We’ve been slaves long enough!”

Hi… It’s me. Benny.


Did you know that…


YES 3! 
This hardly ever happens.

Shazak insight

Grand Talkathon!

On the night of Passover, it is really important to talk and talk and talk and talk (and talk) about the miracles of the great Exodus from Egypt! In fact, our great Sages teach us, “Anyone who talks a lot about the exodus of Egypt is to be praised.” 

To prove the point, the Hagadah tells us about a group of wise Rabbis who sat up all night talking about the story of the Exodus! 

Seder night is definitely the wrong time for the silent contest. Talk away!

Shazak insight

Korech – It’s a Wrap!

In the times of the Beis HaMikdash, the great sage Hillel made a sandwich out of the meat of the Korban Pesach lamb, Matzah, and Maror. That’s how he fulfilled the Torah’s instructions to eat these foods together. This sandwich is called Korech – meaning a wrap. 

Now, how in the world can you wrap a hard, thin Matzah?! It would surely crumble into little pieces, hardly a sandwich and certainly not a wrap!

Well, here’s how it worked:

In the olden days, Matzah looked more like a pita, much thicker than the Matzahs we are used to, and definitely “wrappable.” 

So let’s ask a question, we’ll call it “The Fifth Question:”

“Why are the Matzahs nowadays different from all other Matzahs from the olden days?” 

And the answer? Well, Shazak wants you to investigate… let us know what you come up with!

BTW: Now you know that it wasn’t the Earl of Sandwich who invented the sandwich around 300 years ago, nor was the wrap invented by a southern California food chain restaurant a few decades ago. That’s because Hillel, who made the Korech sandwich/wrap, lived over 2,000 years ago!

Another BTW: Soft Matzahs haven’t completely disappeared. Some Sephardim still use them on Pesach. That’s a “wrap” for them!

Shazak insight

“The 4 Questions” or “The 5 Questions”?!

In the times of the Beis HaMikdash, there was an additional question in the Mah Nishtanah! This one is about the Korban Pesach:

“On all other nights we eat meat roasted, boiled, or cooked – on this night, only roasted meat?”

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