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INSIGHT: Horses… Where are you?!

The “Generous” King

The “Generous” King

Meanwhile, 3 days had passed and Paraoh was kicking himself for letting Bnei Yisrael go.

“What have I done?!” said Paraoh in despair on the fourth day. “What on earth was I thinking, letting my hard working slaves go?”

“We must have been crazy to send them away,” agreed Paraoh’s servants, “especially considering they took our gold and silver!”

Paraoh wanted to immediately chase Bnei Yisrael, but he hesitated. After all, he and his people had just suffered through 10 terrible plagues. But HaShem hardened his heart and he had a quick switch of his mind.

“I hear that my slaves seem to be going around in circles and are lost in the scorching hot desert!” said Paraoh. “Now’s my chance.”

It wasn’t long before Paraoh came up with a battle strategy. He gathered the finest and most talented warriors of the Egyptian army and announced, “Citizens of the Egyptian Empire,” he began, trying to sound confident and convincing. “You have the honor and privilege to join me in a major military campaign. Ride with me to recapture our Jewish slaves. I myself will lead the charge!”

To make his offer even sweeter, Paraoh took out his most valuable royal treasures and said, “My esteemed warriors, do you see these treasures? They are all yours as long as you join this battle. Not only that, I will also share the captured loot equally with you!”

Shazak insight

Horses… Where are you?!

Didn’t all the horses die during the plague of Animal Disease? So where did the Egyptians get their war-horses from?

Actually, the horses that survived belonged to those Egyptians who believed Moshe’s warnings during the plague of Animal Disease, and brought their animals to shelter. During Paraoh’s call for attack, however, even those “G-d fearing Egyptians” were swept up into the murderous pursuit of Bnei Yisrael.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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