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The Grand Reunion!

The Grand Reunion!

Finally, the big moment arrived. After 22 years apart, Yosef and Yaakov were about to be reunited!

Yosef was anxious to see his father and excited for the chance to perform a great Mitzvah – honoring his father! So instead of sitting on his throne waiting for his father to arrive, he personally harnessed the horses to his royal chariot and off he rode to welcome his father.

When Yosef saw Yaakov in the distance, he got off the chariot and ran towards him.

“Oh my!” Yosef thought to himself. “It is not the same father I left so long ago. The years of suffering have indeed taken an awful toll on him.”

He hugged his father and cried. “It’s been so very long. What a nightmare!”

Before he kissed Yosef, Yaakov covered his eyes and thanked HaShem for sending his son back to him. With great emotion, he recited the words of the Shema… “Shema Yisrael, HaShem Elokeinu, HaShem Echod! HaShem is One! “ViAhavta Es HaShem Elokecha Bichol Levovcha. And you should love HaShem with all your heart…”

Yes, Yaakov loved Hashem for the amazing turn of events… from mourning to celebration and from tears to joy.

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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