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INSIGHT: Levi, the Fortune Teller?

The King with a Shovel?

The King with a Shovel?

Meanwhile, in Goshen, Paraoh’s advisors announced, “Hear ye! Hear ye! Attention all Jews! NEW ROYAL BUILDING PROJECT! Upon request of the mighty, magnificent King of Egypt, we will be hiring the finest and brightest of the respectable citizens of Egypt. Sign up for it now. BIG MONEY! GREAT BENEFITS!”

Word spread like wildfire! Announcements bombarded them everywhere!

“Are you a sheep farmer in Goshen? Are you a descendant of Israel? Have we got a deal for you! You can be among the builders and shapers in modern Egyptian society! This project involves city planning, surveying, construction, and more! EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEED. Act now on this MONUMENTAL ground floor opportunity! Call 1-800-PHARAOH now, before it’s too late! Offer not valid in all areas. Open only to descendants of Israel. Compensation not included. This employment will terminate in 400 years or when you do, whichever comes first.”

Unfortunately, Paraoh’s cunning trick worked. Many Jews signed on and showed up bright and early at the building site for their first day on the job.

What they witnessed, shocked them – standing with a shovel in his hand, was none other than Paraoh himself!

“Fellow workers, it is my privilege and honor to join you today,” announced Paraoh with great pride.

The Jews were astonished. “Can you believe Paraoh, the world’s most powerful ruler, is personally working on this project?!” they exclaimed to each other. “This must be super-important!”

Shazak insight

Levi, the Fortune Teller?

Among Bnei Yisrael, only the tribe of Levi did not join the workforce.
Since their tribe was destined to serve in the Beis HaMikdash (Holy Temple), they said, “Shoulders that will one day carry the Holy Ark shall never carry stones for this evil Paraoh.”
Da’as Zekainim 5:4

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