INSIGHT: The Perfect Names… by Dad and Mom

The Perfect Names

The Perfect Names

During creation, it only took HaShem a short while to create each new thing.

1,2,3 and whoooosh… a massive hippopotamus was created!

4,5,6 a gigantic elephant!

7,8,9 and pooooof… Mount Everest appeared!

But there was one exception. When HaShem created man, He took His time. This shows the importance of the first person – Adam, and of every person who came after him.

This is what happened:

Hour #1 – HaShem gathered dust from all four corners of the world.

Hour #2 – HaShem mixed the dust with water to make clay.

Hour #3 – HaShem shaped the clay into the form of Adam’s body.

Hour #4 – HaShem breathed a Neshamah (soul) into Adam through his nostrils.

Hour #5 – Adam got up as a living, walking-talking human being!

Hour #6 – All the animals lined up and passed before Adam. HaShem gave him the wisdom to give each animal the perfect Hebrew name.

The camel came before Adam. “Gamal is your name.”

Then came a horse. “Soos, yes this is the name you should be called.”

And the dog… “Kelev.”

An ox “Shor.”

And so on and so on. Adam named all the creatures of the world.

Shazak insight

The Perfect Names… by Dad and Mom

When Adam HaRishon named all the animals he had Ruach HaKodesh – Divine Inspiration. This means, as if to say, that HaShem “planted” the names of all the animals in Adam’s head and out came the perfect names – Gamal, Soos, Kelev, Shor, to name a few.

Did you know that all parents get some of this Ruach HaKodesh
when they give their child a Jewish name?

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