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The Secret Spot

The Secret Spot

The Torah tells us exactly where Moshe is buried, “in the valley of Moav opposite Beis Pe’or,” yet, “not one person knows where he is buried until this very day.” Indeed, NOBODY, not even the most adventurous explorer, has ever found the location.

The Talmud relates to us a fascinating story:

Years ago, the Romans sent messengers on a mission to find Moshe’s grave. As they climbed up the mountain, they looked down and said excitedly to each other, “We see it! It’s down there. Let’s go guys!”

Quickly, they all hurried down the mountain. Suddenly, one of them looked up and pointed. “Whoops! We made a mistake. It’s up there.”

So they all ran up… and once again… no luck.

Up and down they went, down and up they went, but Moshe’s grave always appeared above them or below them. Finally, they came up with a “brilliant” idea. “Let’s split up. You guys go up, and we’ll go down.” It still didn’t help. To the people on the bottom of the mountain, it seemed as if the spot was above, and to the people on the top, it appeared to be below.

HaShem’s message was clear. “I’ll tell you exactly where the grave is, but nobody will ever find it.”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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