The Wise Wizards?

The Wise Wizards?

Paraoh immediately summoned his royal advisors, “I had two dreams… Dream#1 – 7 fat cows, 7 skinny cows… swallowed them up… stayed skinny. Dream#2 – 7 fat ears of grain, 7 skinny ears of grain… swallowed them up… stayed skinny.”

Then Paraoh shouted his orders, “Spread the word. I want all the wizards and wise men of Egypt to come to my palace immediately!”

All of the wizards and wise men in the region rushed to the royal palace, each with possible interpretations of the dreams.

One of them said, “Mighty Paraoh, these dreams are omens of both good news and bad news. 7 daughters will be born to you and 7 daughters you will bury.”

“Ridiculous! I refuse to believe that!” cried Paraoh. “Next…!”

“Your Royal Highness,” attempted the following wizard with fear in his heart.

“I, too, believe these dreams carry signs of good news and bad news. You will conquer 7 countries, but your enemies will conquer 7 countries of your vast kingdom.”

“NO, NO, NO! I do not like these explanations at all!” Paraoh exclaimed.

Not a single one of the many wizards and wise men was able to crack the secret of Paraoh’s dreams!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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