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Top Secret Burial Place

Top Secret Burial Place

The Pasuk concludes, “And nobody knows his burial place till this very day.”

Why did the spot of Moshe’s burial need to remain top secret?

This, too, is related to Moshe’s ongoing idol worship battle:

The Midrash explains, the grave of Moshe is hidden so nobody would ever make his burial place into a place of Avodah Zarah (idol worship). After all, Moshe, more than any other Tzadik, was the chief campaigner against idol worship – head of the anti-Avodah Zarah Association!

Indeed, the wise Abarbanel tells us how some non-Jews would of turning Jewish holy sites into their own places of worship.

In fact, he points out, in his commentary on the Chumash, that the Me’oras HaMachpeilah, the cave where our holy ancestors are buried, had been converted into a place of Avodah Zarah! (That’s why it no longer looks like a cave.) And come to think of it, you probably have seen a giant mosque located at the holiest place in the world – the place where the Beis HaMikdash once stood.

Moshe Lives On

One last thought:

Without anybody knowing the burial place of Moshe Rabbeinu, it is as if Moshe is still alive. And indeed, he lives on forever, through his enduring opposition to Avodah Zarah… and through the Torah that we learn. Torah Tzivah Lanu Moshe.

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