Trust Me!

Trust Me!

Shortly after, a sly, sneaky, snake met up with Chavah. At that time, HaShem had given the snake the ability to talk, and even to walk upright.

The snake said to Chavah, “Hsssss. Is it really true that HaShem told you not to eat any of the fruits of Gan Eden?”

“Oh, no, not at all,” said Chavah. “We are allowed to eat from all the fruits of the trees, just not from the Tree of Knowledge – or else we will deserve to die. For that matter, we can’t even touch it!”

“Aha!” shouted the snake. “HaShem realizes that eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge will make you as wise as the angels – and then you will know HaShem’s secrets and you will have the power of creation!”

At that moment, the snake pushed Chavah into the tree.

“See?” yelled the snake. “You just touched the tree, and didn’t die! Now, trust me. Eat from the tree and absolutely nothing will happen to you.”

“Hmmm”… thought Chavah. “Adam was wrong. He said we would die if we touched the tree!”

“OK… I guess you’re right.” said Chavah to the snake. She reached for a tasty looking fruit and plucked it off the branch. She took a bite. “Hmmm… it sure is delicious!”

And nothing bad happened to her, so Chavah decided to share some with her husband.

As soon as they had both eaten, they both started to feel… different. They weren’t so holy anymore. They started to want to do things they weren’t supposed to do, and they had new feelings of jealousy and anger. Before, even though they had no clothes, they weren’t embarrassed at all. Now they suddenly felt ashamed. So they made clothes out of huge fig leaves to cover themselves.

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