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INSIGHT: Tsara’as – A Gift?!

Tsara’as – Then and Now

Tsara’as – Then and Now

The act of gossiping – spreading negative information about people – makes a person’s Neshamah (soul) impure.

Since nobody can actually see what goes on in their soul, not even with an x-ray machine, we need a physical sign to warn us that something is wrong. That’s why HaShem gave us a “miraculous gift,” the sign of Tsara’as. Tsara’as on the outside is a sign of something very wrong on the inside – in a person’s soul.

In the times of the Mishkan and the Beis HaMikdash, people would take these warnings very seriously and do everything in their power to correct their faults and become better people.

Nowadays though, there is no such thing as Tsara’as. We are no longer on a spiritual level high enough to appreciate this message from HaShem, and take the proper action.

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Tsara’as – A Gift?!

HaShem actually does the person a favor by giving him Tsara’as. It’s a gift! What?! How would a skin condition be a favor? What’s nice about it?

Consider this. A person, we’ll call him Mr. Oscar Ouchkovitz, wakes up one sunny Tuesday morning in a lot of pain… so much pain that he rushes to the doctor. Good move on his part, because the doctor has him go through a bunch of tests and finds out that his condition was a lot more serious than he originally thought! The doctor prescribes the proper treatment and Oscar gets all better.

So the pain actually led Mr. Ouchkovitz to get well!

That’s what Moshe explained to his people:

“We Jews are so lucky! HaShem gives us a warning when we veer off the right track. We have the opportunity to change and improve and raise ourselves to a higher spiritual level. By working on ourselves, we can become the best we can be!”

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