“Where is Aharon?!”

Here's the deal. First I clicked the audio, then the circle and I was able to listen to the Parsha while I played the PUZZLE - at the same time! AWESOME!

Parshas Chukas #10

“Where is Aharon?!”

Moshe and Elazar came down from the mountain without Aharon.

The people were getting worried… very worried! “Moshe Rabbeinu, we saw you and we saw Elazar, but where is your brother, Aharon?” they frantically asked.

“Why didn’t he come down with you?” they demanded to know.

Moshe had no choice and broke the news. Women, men and even young children cried out with tears streaming down their eyes.

“Oh no! It cannot be! Of all people – not Aharon!”

“And how can this be?! Aharon is the one who controls the Angel of Death!”

“Yes, I remember how he single handedly stopped the horrible plague after the Korach Rebellion!”

“Indeed, it cannot be! It’s all a hoax. Aharon never died!”

Moshe knew he had to do something fast! He asked mercy from HaShem, and… and… it happened – HaShem commanded the angels to show Bnei Yisrael a vision.

“Look up in the air. It’s… It’s… It’s Aharon’s coffin!”

Bnei Yisrael accepted his death. They were convinced but not consoled.

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