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INSIGHT: The Age of the Twins

Who Gets the Blessing?

Who Gets the Blessing?

Many years passed. Yitzchak had grown old. His eyesight worsened over the years and he was now practically blind. Fearing that his life would soon end, Yitzchak called his beloved older son, Eisav, to his bedside. (Yitzchak did not know then that Eisav had sold his birthright privileges to his brother Yaakov.)

“Eisav, my son,” said Yitzchak. “I want to give you my blessing, since you are my firstborn son. But first, I want you to do a good deed – the Mitzvah of honoring your father. Go hunt an animal and prepare a delicious meal for me. Afterwards, I will give you a very special blessing.”

Eisav immediately headed out on his mission. Little did he know that his mother, Rivkah, had overheard Yitzchak’s instructions, and things were about to get rather complicated.

Shazak insight

The Age of the Twins

In this “Blessing Episode” the age of Yaakov and Eisav is often mistaken – even by Shazak (until we changed the pictures. After all nobody’s perfect, not even for sure not Shazak).

Indeed, Yaakov and Eisav were no longer youngsters. Actually they were 63 years old! It sure is time for Yaakov to get married!

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