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INSIGHT: Bad Mouth Paraoh

Work, Work, Work!

Work, Work, Work!

Bnei Yisrael were forced to work day and night. It was slave labor! The evil Paraoh appointed Jewish policemen to make sure they had no rest.
“Listen up, people!” shouted the Egyptian guards at the chosen policeman. “It’s your job to make sure your slaves move 6,000 bricks every day! And use your whips!”
“We will never lift a hand against our fellow Jews,” thought the righteous policemen, as they nodded in agreement to the wicked guards.
Although these Jewish policemen understood that they would be punished for disobeying Paraoh’s orders, many of them refused to hurt their brethren.
“Have a refreshing drink, Shmuel.”
“Okay Levi, the coast is clear. Rest up”.
Later, these heroic Jews would be rewarded by being appointed as the Zekainim, the wise and prestigious elders of the Jewish nation.

Shazak insight

Bad Mouth Paraoh

פַּרְעֹה – פֶּה רַע

Paraoh’s name hints at his evil nature. His name splits into 2 words, Peh-Rah, meaning “bad mouth.”
Indeed, the king of Egypt was an expert at using his mouth to trick Bnei Yisrael into slavery.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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