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INSIGHT: Who’s the Mother in the Dream?

Yaakov Interprets the Dream

Yaakov Interprets the Dream

Yosef was so excited that he repeated this dream to his father in front of the brothers!

Yaakov, in his great wisdom, understood that this dream was a form of prophecy, something that will come true some time in the future. Yet, on the other hand, Yaakov did not want his other sons to become jealous. Therefore, he wisely said, “Oh, Yosef, that’s a silly dream. It doesn’t mean anything at all. I understand that the 11 stars represent your brothers, and the sun represents me, but how could the moon be your mother, Rachel? She could never bow down to you. She is no longer alive!”

Nevertheless, in his heart, Yaakov knew that Yosef’s dreams would come true. One day Yosef would be a mighty king.

Shazak insight

Who’s the Mother in the Dream?

The moon in Yosef’s dream actually could not have represented Rachel, since she was no longer living. However, it did represent Bilhah, who raised Yosef lovingly, as if she was his real mother.

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