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INSIGHT: Yaakov Returns - What’s Up With the Title?

Yaakov Returns

Yaakov Returns

After the long, hard journey, Yaakov finally arrived at his father Yitzchak’s house. Yitzchak was delighted to spend his final years with his grandchildren.

When Yitzchak was very old – 180 years old, to be exact – he passed away after a long and fulfilling life. Yaakov and Eisav buried their father next to their mother, Rivkah, in Me’aras HaMachpeilah.

Shazak insight

Yaakov Returns - What’s Up With This Shazak Title?

After looking at this title, Shazak had second thoughts. After all, it’s more about Yaakov’s passing than it is about his return. Oh well. It’s easy to change the text but much harder to change the recording.

But, on “third thought,” this title does make a lot of sense:

  1. Yaakov returned to his father Yitzchak’s house. And then…
  2. Yaakov returned to his Father in Heaven’s home. HaShem!
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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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