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Yaakov’s Family vs. Eisav’s Army

Yaakov’s Family vs. Eisav’s Army

Never a dull moment. Now that the episode of Yaakov’s close encounter with Eisav’s angel was over, Yaakov, together with his family, traveled on.

Looking up, Yaakov saw the enemy he had been dreading for so long: his brother, Eisav, with 400 men! They were fast approaching. For Yaakov, there was nowhere to hide, and no time to lose! Quickly, Yaakov came up with yet another plan.

Here was his strategy:

He positioned his 2 wives, Bilhah and Zilpah, in the front, with their sons behind them.

Then came Leah and her sons. Dinah was with them, too, safe and sound in a special box to protect her from Eisav.

All the way in the back, in the most protected spot, was Rachel, hidden by her son, Yosef.

Yaakov moved toward Eisav and honored him by bowing down 7 times. With each bow he moved closer and closer, until he was standing right in front of his wicked brother.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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