Yosef’s Time to Shine

Yosef’s Time to Shine

At last, Yosef stood before the magnificent throne of the mighty king of Egypt.

“I am told you know how to interpret dreams,” said Paraoh.

“Well, not exactly,” replied Yosef. “HaShem is the One who understands dreams and He reveals their hidden meaning to me.”

“I see,” said Paraoh. He then told Yosef his dreams from beginning to the end. “Dream#1 – 7 fat cows, 7 skinny cows… swallowed them up… stayed skinny. Dream#2 – 7 fat ears of grain, 7 skinny ears of grain… swallowed them up… stayed skinny.”

Yosef thought for a moment and then began his interpretation, “Mighty King. These two dreams are actually one dream, with one meaning. For the next 7 years, there will be plenty of food in this land. This is the meaning of the 7 fat cows and the 7 healthy ears of grain.

“Hmm, very interesting. Continue please.”

“But, for the next 7 years, there will be such a terrible famine that everyone will forget about the years of plenty! This is represented by the 7 skinny cows and ears of grain swallowing up the fat, healthy ones, and they still all remained skinny. The fat of the land will be obliterated from everyone’s memory!”

Yosef took a deep breath and courageously offered Paraoh his advice:

“To survive, Your Majesty, appoint a very wise man to be in charge of storing enormous amounts of food during the 7 years of plenty. Then when the famine comes, you and your people will be saved! People from far beyond your nation will come to Egypt to buy food and you will become the wealthiest man on planet Earth!”

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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